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LAST UPDATED 11.021.06

Everyone has been so generous in sending and sharing their Mary Beth Hughes photos/images
with me, so that I can share them with the rest of the world! Thank you so very much!

Many of the photos have been rearranged,
so scroll to the bottom as there are new ones there too.

-W. Ballard



Mary Beth Hughes weighing scale tickets sent by Clyde N.


These two large photos are personally signed by Mary Beth to Rich Wessel's Grandparents
and also to his Father, Carl. Mary Beth looks REALLY YOUNG in these!
You can see she wrote M.G.M. under her name, so we know what company she kept!

Above, she is so very young and just below is a contrasting photo.



If you check on the reader's story page, Mick states they were in the same cosmetology school class in 1977.




Mary Beth with another Billiard Pro, P. Smith. Must've been taken the same day; same outfit!



The Cowboy and the Blonde



Submitted by Chad



Mary Beth Hughes with Billiard Pro, Charles Peterson.
(This image was submitted by a reader who sells Billiard Pro Photos on eBay)





Mary Beth at 40-ish???



Stardust, 1940


I Accuse My Parents, 1945



Rockin' in the Rockies, 1945


Tough & Sweet!




Mary Beth at 40-ish?



Please return here as readers do submit photos, and there will be more to come!




Mary Beth's Film, Radio & TV debues

Posters with Mary Beth

Mary Beth stories from Readers  


 Visit historical Alton, IL - Mary Beth's birth place.

Visit Sepulveda, CA/North Hills - Where Mary Beth Lived.



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